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Why hello there,

I see you've found my page
Thanks for stopping by~

Go ahead and look through my gallery and hopefully find
you like. ; w ;



About me

No one knows, muahaha

I'm a chocolaholic. :I

I like:
●Drawing, dancing, and singing ● Hanging out with friends ● Dying my hair random colors ● Anime ● Singing in the shower ● Cats, dogs, and snakes ● Ice cream, Coffee, Banana's and strawberries ● Techno, Trance, Jumpstyle, Dupstep, Vocaloid, and more ● Cuddling ● Video Games ● Drinking large amounts of ice tea ● Chilling in the rain ● Typihng liek thes ● Playing piano ● Cute and creepy things ● Role-playing ● Fruits ● Swimming

I hate:
●My emotions for being all weird all the time ● Homophobes ● Spiders for jumping onto my hair ● People who don't say "Thank you" ● The hot sun when there is no wind ● When people chew with their mouth open .___. ● Bugs ● My jealously over stupid things ● Rude people ● My procrastination

I own an adorable cat named DJ and I could be pretty immature I also like to give long awkward hugs so be warned.

I also have a tendency to think someone likes me when they probably don't .___. IF I COME OFF AKWARD TO YOU, TELL ME.

Anyway I hope I get to know all of you!

Breathe Electric - Electronic Lover


Stamps ftw


STAMP: I Heart Coffee by zungzwangCutie stamp by SkittleStar-34Tablet User STAMP by DrayuuI Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowBanana by SkittleStar-34I love sweets - stamp by candysoresNight-Time Stamp by Alex-MewMew1 AM Stamp by SparkLum"Explaining" Stamp by Sonira-StampsYou Can Talk To Me Stamp by HazelAlmondsSingle Stamp by angelslainRAWR im scary by tigercat51Shy Stamp by StampMakerLKJSabi Stamp by Tec-SabiI love cute things Stamp by aries95aHypnocat by SkittleStar-34UKE stamp by antocoviOliver Stamp by Maggy-NeworldAwkward by Fyi-SusRilakkuma Stamp by thelegendoftiffany


YOHIOloid - Recovery


Videos I made



Recent drawing's of my OC's from kind darlings <3

+sora+ by cookielover120 Len Saito Fullbody Commission by stormilove Commission Skittlestar-34 by Tsuuky
UTAU PV - Len Saito - Anti Beat by MrMaki [AR] Damion by Unbreakable123 Art Gift to SkittleStar-34 (Their OC) by Morbid-T3mptation

River Flows in You - Yiruma



SkittleStar-34 has started a donation pool!
2,970 / 5,000

Please pay for any adoptables and commissions here, thanks! ~ <3 > w <


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I had this medley for a while now, and only found the "instrumental" haha > w <

Here's a preview !!

I'm posting on SoundCloud and unfortunately won't be making a video for it.

So send me this please! if you want to be in it > w >

UTAU name:
Voicebank Download: (Just send the link were I can download your beautiful UTAU)
Part: (Seeing how people are choosing haha)

If your UTAU isn't properly OTO'd don't worry! I usually fix the OTO's for the song anyway! > w >

ANYWAY! Can't wait! Join join join!

(If you remember being in my first Medley just give me an UTAU I never used! <3 )

What part, and who :

1. I Want to See You ~ bokunoai :iconbokunoai: ;; Erika
2. A Thousand-Year Solo ~ JonathanMDful :iconjonathanmdful: ;; Hibikino Shouhaya
3. Silver Bullet ~ LexiLex02 :iconlexilex02: ;; Akane Kenshin
4. Shotgun Lovers ~ Rioichi-Karihazi :iconrioichi-karihazi: ;; Rioichi Karihazi
5. Eh, Ah, Yes ~ Sabaku-no-Inumaru :iconsabaku-no-inumaru: ;; Kurayami Hikari MOTHER
6. Melody ~ SkittleStar-34 :iconskittlestar-34: ;; Sora Saito
7. Dear ~ MrMaki :iconmrmaki: ;; Maki Ukitsuki
8. Enclosure ~ SkittleStar-34 :iconskittlestar-34: ;; Len Saito
9. VOCALOID in Love ~ cheesum :iconcheesum: ;; Ham 
10. Unbalance ~ AnyColor :iconanycolor: ;; Cony
11. Dystopia Zapangu ~ Meilice :iconmeilice: ;; Yuumei Ekiguchi
12. Rotton Heresy and Chocolate ~ YuiHyde :iconyuihyde: ;; Yue Cai
13. Pair of Wintry Winds ~ AbigailWK :iconabigailwk: ;; Hana Megumi
14. Future Horizon ~ 
15. Jitter Doll ~ Alice-Yun :iconalice-yun: ;; Alice Yun FS
16. From Y to Y ~ lonitenshi :iconlonitenshi: ;; Loni Tenshi
17. Even Though my Song has noForm ~ Shizukana-Yuki :iconshizukana-yuki: ;; Yukine Fuyuka
18. Celluloid ~ ZoeOMGPingu :iconzoeomgpingu: ;; Nozomi Kitsune
19. Letter Song ~ mollylollie7 :iconmollylollie7: ;; Neikio
20. Cherry Blossom Rain ~ Sabaku-no-Inumaru :iconsabaku-no-inumaru: ;; Kurushimi Tanoshimi
21. Hello, How are you ~ milk-chan-desu :iconmilk-chan-desu: ;; Aimi Hakune
22. Puppet Pierrot ~
23. Strobe Last ~ SombraShadow :iconsombrashadow: ;; SoNo
24. Cyber Thunder Cider ~ parapa2 :iconparapa2: ;; YUII
25. Time Limit ~ RukaKurokawa :iconrukakurokawa: ;; Sakura Makoto
26. Life Cheating Game ~ MyVariousOCs :iconmyvariousocs: ;; Olivia Hijoshikina
27. Packaged ~ Pokeluver223 :iconpokeluver223: ;; Skiploid 
28. Convenience Store ~
29. PoPiPo ~ Ferina-san :iconferina-san: ;; Onika Maruyama
30. Invisible ~
31. Two-Dimensional Dream Fever ~
32. An Unstable Girl ~
33. Time Machine ~ hellkitty112 :iconhellkitty112: ;; Roosaamu
34. Imagination Forest ~ HanaEve :iconhanaeve: ;; Airi Tenne
35. Perfect Crime ~
36. A Moment's Trip ~
37. RIP=RELEASE ~ SmilesSilently :iconsmilessilently: ;; Shigemi
38. Around the World ~
39. Daybreak ~
40. Tiger Rampage ~
41. What Do You Mean! ~ Twins193 :icontwins193: ;; Lloyd Ryune
42. Madara Cult ~
43. Cantarella ~ Drika-Ally :icondrika-ally: ;; Ally Foxy
44. Calc ~ MadLilium :iconmadlilium: ;; Akuyou Utahoshi
45. Snowflake ~ KradDArk6 :iconkraddark6: ;; Krad Darkness Ark
46. Heaven's Music ~
47. Rolling Girl ~ Utau-Despair :iconutau-despair: ;; Jen Zetsubo 
48. Online Game Addicts Sprechchor ~ Kiki1109 :iconkiki1109: ;; Ayane Mitsuki
49. Panda Hero ~ Ventushelm :iconventushelm: ;; Fai Chou
50. A Time of Six Trillion Years and a Night ~ mollylollie7 :iconmollylollie7: ;; Molly-Rose McCarthy
51. A Red Leaf ~
52. ACUTE ~ Kawa-Mucchi :iconkawa-mucchi: ;; - ON HOLD -
53. BadBye ~ lcgki :iconlcgki: ;; Chinery Ki
54. Black Board ~
55. Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder ~ Mura752 :iconmura752: ;; Minorika Mura
56. Chloe ~ Mark31520 :iconmark31520: ;; Mark Roberts
57. Heart ~
58. Paranoia ~ ypoolnipop :iconypoolnipop: ;; Nazario Akira
59. The Earth's Final Confession ~ Lasaillax :iconlasaillax: ;; Ken Shippai
60. Moziak Role ~ yayamiho-chan :iconyayamiho-chan: ;; Luna Asta
61. I'll Make Everyone into Miku ~
62. The Endless Score ~
63. The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku ~ HIS-PR0XY :iconhis-pr0xy: ;; Minami Yumi
64. Heat-Haze Days ~ xXAbacusXx :iconxxabacusxx: ;; Merii Horii
65. Black Rock Shooter ~
66. Double Lariat ~
67. Melt ~ rhuined-dream-eater :iconrhuined-dream-eater: ;; Sim-plE
68. Hello, Planet ~
69. Thousand Cherry Blossoms ~ ClearlyMachine :iconclearlymachine: ;; Isa Ameyumi

Still looots of spots left , anyone want to add more of your UTAU's feel free to > w >

I have a marshmellow in my mouth :3 

14 deviants said Give me a marshmellow! > A <
8 deviants said Okay?
1 deviant said Lol


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My Groups
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Len GIF by Pomii

My Plz Icons
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:iconpervycielpplz: :iconpervyaloistrancyplz: :iconfloppydanceplz: :iconsuperrhugplz:

My Icons
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Tibumeru :: SkittleStar-34 by NotDamienJayson And Jordan Icon by SkittleStar-34PC: Kasper Icon by YoruniCute Len Icon by SkittleStar-34COMMISSION: SkittleStar-34 Icon by CATGUTTS

Len's Box (= O w O =) Mew

Just recent things that involve my UTAU Len.
Drawing's and PV / Soundcloud Covers.

Len is at 8:03 <33

For you

Thank you for the watches, favorites, and comments
It means a lot to me!


:iconxseerx: :iconutau-despair: :iconsugar-coated-dream: :iconkieyrevange: :iconmrmaki:


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AloiInTheSky Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I love your art~ So lovely, colourful and cute ^^ I spent a great time browsing through your gallery <3 <3
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Tsunyo Featured By Owner 2 days ago
ffffff. //rolls all over your page
I'm gonna just stalk your cute art and cute Utau now. <3333 Your style is so precious and perfect, and your characters are adorable.

:iconasdfghplz: Not to mention how cute Len's voice is~ uuuu. <3
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KieyRevange Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hai senpai ;w;
I've been paitently waiting to ArtTrade with you sometime ;H; Please tell me when you can, I've been waiting for a very long time since my friend SilverKrim/Sian told me about you eHe
(1 Reply)
Shizukana-Yuki Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
Hi um... I was just wondering, how do you stretch the background images of custom boxes so that they fill the whole box? I tried following a tutorial for manually coding the content of custom boxes, but the picture won't fill the whole box and it looks really stupid ;w;
I really love your art, btw! I might commission you when I get enough points XD
Also, is it only beta testers who are allowed to put their custom boxes in whatever area they want?
(1 Reply)
mollylollie7 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student General Artist
Finished! ^_^
I hope that it's okay....…
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